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3rd one really does make sense!

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20 Actions That Shows if a Person Truly Loves You

The basic three things to notice to know if a person truly loves you.

  1. Notice how the person acts
  2. Notice what the person says
  3. Notice what the person does

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Nine tips from secret agents to help you see right through people

The ability to read others can be an effective way to help you communicate with them. LaRae Quy, who worked as an FBI agent for 23 years, has this to say on the subject: "You don’t have to be a first-class detective to understand what is going on in someone’s head. There are always signals that you can use. All you need to know is where to look for them." So what exactly are the signs that can reveal what a person is thinking or feeling? We've here put together nine pieces of advice from LaRae that will help you see right through people. Click to see more...

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The Study tip from the PROs

Children, learn things from the pros about studying!