Submitted By: onlinecarbide on May 18, 2019




In this video we are driving with a #7 carbide stub drill, chamfering with a 3/8" carbide changed mill and thread milling 1/4-20 holes with a single point 1/4" thread mill, all tools are from which offers excellent tooling at an affordable price! We are performing the operations on the mini lathe cross slide to mount the new tool post riser!


This was a fun project to upgrade the tool post and compound of a little h harbor freight 7x10 mini lathe I snagged on Craig's list for $100.  When purchased it was missing the change gear, reverse Chuck Jaws, tools and a few other minor components.  However this was fine for my application because this little lathe is slated for a CNC conversion and some chassis upgrades to stiffen up the movements to cut small parts in stainless steel for business.  Should be a great value for second operations that doesn't take up any more space than a tool box in the shop!


Follow along as the little projects come together to become a working machine!  Hope you enjoyed this build!


Hello friends! So we have been talking about making a vid like this for a while now so this is the 1st vid of new plugs in stock. I spent about 30 minutes going through the shop picking out some of the newer things that I thought were worth a mention in the video. Ill try to make one of these every couple of months as we get new pieces in stock. Anyways, here is a list of the items in the video!!